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Lets Talk About The CVT ( Continuous Variable Transmission )

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 Cars evolve like rapid wild fire with innovative inclusion by auto manufacturers day in day out, the CVT (continuous variable transmission) is one component with a whole lot of advantage but still yet mismanaged by most owners.

The are basically four types of transmission on today’s cars compared to the early days of existence ,since the advent of the manual transmission we have seen the introduction of the AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, THE CONTINUOUS VARIABLE TRANSMISSION (CVT) and more recently the ELECTRONIC CONTINUOUS VARIABLE TRANSMISSION the (ECVT) all in a bid to enhance drivability and an all round automotive performance.

Our major concern in this post is the CVT the concept behind its existence and why most auto enthusiasts still find it difficult maintaining and keeping it in shape.

The Automatic Continuous Variable Transmission CVT for short is a concept born out of the need to enhance better fuel efficiency and improved drivabilty in today’s cars unlike your regular auto transmission, this enables your car engine to operate at an optimal power at different driving conditions. Car manufacturers are gradually adopting the CVT concept in their newer designs with GERMAN , JAPANESE AND KOREAN Auto manufacturing giants leading the pack, a good example of a CVT transmission car is the Nissan Murano little wonder there are issues about its transmission being temperamental.

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Unlike your regular auto transmission the CVT seems quite different in composition and performance the CVT comprises of three main components which includes a primary clutch, a secondary clutch and then a belt compared to the regular transmission which comprises of gears.

Your regular auto transmission operates quite differently from  the CVT while changing from one gear to another you would experience the effect of a shift  on your regular transmission this is quite different with the CVT  as it allows a seamless flow of gear change that ensures you do not feel that impact accustomed to your regular auto transmission.

One grey area concerning the CVT amongst users is its maintenance and the kind of transmission fluid specified for it, the CVT isn’t designed to use the same lubricant as your regular auto transmission because of its simple but rather complex composition but rather its own designated lubricant which in most cases is a bit more expensive  a clear reason why some owners still go ahead  using the normal ATF fluid which eventually results in serious damage to the CVT.

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Asides the smooth movement accustomed with a CVT  transmission its got other advantages over the regular auto transmission  despite its perceived complexity this merits are what exactly makes the CVT unique in its own rights , besides that smooth and seamless gear movement  the CVT is also

1. pretty cost effective compared to your regular auto tranny

2. Quite easier to maintain  in true sense

3. Compact and light in  weight which in turn improve fuel efficiency.

Whatever the case might be the CVT transmission is an improved alternative to your  regular auto transmission and as such can stick around for much much longer if you use the right lubricant for it and adhere to manufacturer,s    specification.  

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