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Car Remodification In Nigeria.

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We all love speed and continual acceleration especially while on the road, be it when driving on our own or just maybe when being chauffeured speed just seems right for every road user but absolutely with increased caution, cars of today are built to replicate paces and acceleration and as such when this desires are no longer met  the desire for remidfications or outright replacement becomes paramount.

I have often heard car owners and enthusiasts talk about vehicle re modifications especially when it involves out rightly replacing an engine an example of such is that of the Nissan Murano an elegant 3.5 litre crossover vehicle being powered by a 3.0 litre Toyota sienna engine as an alternative reason because the Nissan Murano engine is deemed temperamental (problematic) and as such the Toyota engine would be a good fit.

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To some extent this might seem to be an alternative to the Murano lets assume its engine is temperamental as imagined but then having to buy a direct like for like Murano engine in good condition as direct replacement would cost far less than the remodifiocation with the sienna engine which will also entail replacing its original CVT ( continuous variable transmission ) with a normal auto tranny accustomed to the sienna, lets not forget the issue of performance as well just my two cents.

We ll take a look at a few engine parts that should be considered for replacement if you intend remodify your old car and give it a fresh breath of renewed performance.

1. Emission System

The overall performance of your car is quite dependent on its engine emission system, this is like the outlet or nostril of an engine and as such for you to get an optimal performance its its sub components must be enhanced adequately, replacing worn out components like the O2 Sensors, catalytic converters, and mufflers can give your engine an improved performance.

2. Ignition System

Ignition components such as injector nozzles, spark plugs , recoil starters and perhaps the throttle body also enhance the performance of your car as such to re engineer a proper re modification these components should be replaced to maximal productivity.

3. Tires

Your car tires remain your first line of defence while on the road and as such contributes a great deal to your vehicles overall performance, having a set of good tires gives your the needed grip , balance and traction requires to maintain an optimal performance on the road,

To keep your old car in shape an certainly improve performance its best to use the correct and new tires for the right weather to better improve performance and handling.

Other components that also require attention for enhanced re modifications also includes the bushing and suspension components,
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