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3 Mights About your Car Aircondition System You Should Be Aware Of

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Your car air condition system is one integral but very complex system that shouldn’t be toyed with especially in tropical regions where the heat of the sun is evident for most part of the year (Nigeria for example) the air condition system in an automobile though an added incentive in times past have today become an integral feature which buyers always look out for when shopping for a new car.

Some automotive brands have infused some bit of technological advancement as to how a car A.C works today as this has helped improved performance and overall comfort for car lovers.

All through my years of automotive journalism i have come across several schools of thoughts some correct, while others misleading but in the course of this post we ll take a look at 3 mights about an automobile air condition system which we think are exactly not the case and therefore you shouldn’t particularly digest hook line and sinker.

1. Driving With A.C Consumes More Fuel 

There,s a general consensus that driving your car with the air condition on would literately allow your car consume more fuel, this is norm especially in countries where the cost of fuel is high and car owners wanting to cut on excesses.

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While this might hold water in times past this isn’t exactly the case in today,s world, while driving your car with windows up at low speed might some how impair on your vehicle fuel consumption because the AC compressor which is the key component in the AC system of your car requires power from the engine to run, Driving your car at top speed with windows down could as well do you more damage than good .

Driving your car with windows up will improve aerodynamics which means your car can glide through much easily without any interference , however if you have to drive your car with windows down at top speed would only allow the car to drag with when are finds it way into the cabin thereby reducing aerodynamics and ultimately increasing fuel consumption.


Its best to drive with windows up at top speed and windows down (optional) at low speed for better fuel economy.

2. Driving With A.C In Hot or Sunny Weather Kills The System

Ave heard this from several individuals that driving with your car A.C on in hot and sunny weather actually destroys your car A.C system, strange though but i am yet to understand how this is suppose to be.

Your car air condition system is designed to function in both hot and cold weather condition the compressors which is the heart and soul of the the system is meant to function as a heat exchange system, with the help of a temperature control switch the cabin air is regulated according to the temperature out side.


I do not see the rational behind the summation a cars, A.C System is designed to regulate cabin temperature particularly in hot and tropical weather conditions and as such are designed to work in any weather condntion.

3. Driving Through Flood With Your A.C Is Bad

There is also a school of thought that condemns this act especially in flood prone areas and places with fairly bad roads (Nigeria) some technicians believe that when you drive through flood with your A.C still running you stand the chance of damaging the compressor, i stand to lean towards this argument due to a few reasons.

When driving through flood with your A.C on you stand a risk of damaging your compressor and because of its location in most cars which is lower down the engine near the sump, when water comes through a working compressor there is a minute possibility it damaging the bearing and A.C clutch of which are integral parts of the compressor itself .


When driving through flood its best to turn of  your car A.C to be on the safer side as there,s a likely  chance of it going bad in the process, i tend to lean towards this Thesis.

Keeping your car A.C system remains a priority irrespective of the facts you choose to agree with it will only enhance its overall  performance ,comfort  and possibly increase its resale value if you wish to do away with it subsequently.


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