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4 Secrets Used Car Dealers Would Never Tell You.

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Buying a used car is one heck of a task on its own but the real deal lies in successfully acquiring that used car without many hassles amidst all the uncertainties involved, PHEW! not an easy task though, before contemplating buying a used car there are certain factors that must have been put into considerations issues like the condition of the car, mileage covered, age, year of manufacture and possibly engine condition. these are key parameters that are always looked out for by prospective car buyers before dolling out their hard earned monies in exchange of these mechanical beasts.

However, as a car buyer, there are certain vital information that you should know when purchasing a used car these are information's that car dealers should be able to divulge in order have a clear first-hand information of what you are buying, but the case seems to be the reverse as some if not most used car dealers prefer to withhold this information,s regarding the cars they are selling probably for personal interest.

Let,s take a look at 4 secrets used car dealers would never tell you about the car you are purchasing from them, Let's GET STARTED!!

1. Accidented Or Not

Whether the used car you are buying is accidented or not you need to figure this out as most used car dealers would never divulge this secret for fear of losing the deal.  sometimes most used tokunbo cars displayed across showrooms are actually accidents cars with little or major deforms across its chassis without been told by the dealer it might take an eagle-eyed technician or car enthusiast to figure this out read more on how to detect an accident car in our next post.

2. Flood Or Not.

Like the accident cars, there are flood cars, these are cars that have probably been immersed in flood or better still were shipped from flood-prone areas as junks, one major characteristic of these sort of cars is that they are prone to electrical problems, these sort of information is usually a secret that the car dealer holds dear to his heart and would likely not divulge to a buyer for any reason.

3. Salvaged Or Not

As a buyer knowing some of these histories about the used car you are buying would help you  a great deal just in terms of keeping up with maintenance issues in future, a used car dealer would certainly not tell you if the car you are buying is a salvaged one, he or she is certainly concerned about sealing a deal, you deserve to know this, most used car on display are either salvaged cars that have previously been written off for either a mechanical or electrical issue this is a well-known secret.

4. The year Of Manufacture.

I don't know why but this is quite prevalent with used car dealers where a 2003 model car becomes 2006 overnight to some maybe due to some aftermarket remodifications while for others it's a case of wanting to sell at a higher price. This is a secret dealers do not exactly like to reveal.

To get the best and concise information about the used car you are buying its best you check the vin number, this should give you first-hand information at your finger tip.

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