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Tire Blow Out And Its Causes.

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Tires are so. so.. important to an automobile for several reasons, be it for balance, movement or even stability its is our car tires that remain our first line of defense when navigating through the vast open spaces of the streets major roads and highways.

Have you ever experienced a tire blowout?  not a very pleasant experience right? the loud sound, unusually feeling and the scare of something  more grevious. these are some of the  characterisitcs of tire blow out, lets examine what exactly is a tire blow out,  the major causes of tire blow out, what to do when you have a tire blow out and possible ways to avoid or prevent tire blow outs. so then read on and stay inforrmed.


In simple terms tire blow out is the eventual damage that occcur when a vehicle tire is either overloaded, bad or needing  replacement or has exceeded its expiry date and possibly shelve live span, there are other definitions of tire bow out but this is our basic understanding of the term.
There are seveal reasons why tire blow out occurs some human factors and some simply enviromental this brings us to our next question

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There are several cause of tire blow outs, some human while others are enviroomental but we ll pay a close atention to the major attributes according recent research, tire blow out could be caused by either over inflation, under inflation, overloading, wear and tear, shelve life expiration and of course enviromental factors. lets quickly delve into a few of these causes.


Over inflation is simply when a tire is filled beyound its normal capacity, this is one of the main causes of tire blow out, over infflating a tire simply means adding more than the required amount of air it needs to stay functional, for example a basic 15 rim tire for small cars requires an air pressure of 40 psi to stay atop anything more than that would be deemed over inflation which could led to more dire consequences.


Simply understanding  tire overinflation gives you a fair idea of what underinflation is, a direct opposite of over inflation, filling up a tire with lesse air that it requires is what under inflation is all about, it certainly has its consquences with tire blow out as one .

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Over loading a vehicle is one key cause of tire blow out  expecially if the tires are deffective or simply out of course, overloading puts more strain on the tires which if not checked isnt far from an eventual tire blow out.


Eviromental factors such as heat and road conditions are also contrbutory factors of tire blow out especially in situaltions where the tires are not in the best shape, prolong use of defective worn out or the wrong tires in hot or very humid weather condtions could be a recipee for disister in the long run.

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When faced with a tire blow out there are certian does and donts to keep you safe as well as other road users, tire blow out is always an unpleasent experience expecially the fear and anxiety accustomed with it, here are a few thing you should do in order to stirr yourself to safety.

1. Hold on to the steering wheel  as any attempt to take your hands off it might lead to loss of control and cause your car to spin expecially if you happen to be on top speed .

2. Don not slam hard on the brakes! i repeat do not slam hard on the brakes !! but there,s a little exception to this and that is if your car is equipped with an antilock brake system otherwise its do not slam on you brakes expecially if  your front tire are the ones that are blow out, this cam make your car to spin and subsequently flip of the road.

3. Try to stay on a staright cause and stirr to safety, prefferably at a safe and clear distance off the road so as to prevent any form of obstructions to other road users.


Avoiding tire blow out is simple and not rocket science keeping tabs with its major causes and subseqently avoiding them is one way of being safe, ways of possibly avoiding tire blow out includes.

1. Avoiding over inflation and Under inflation.
2. Using the right tire specifications
3. Avoid overloading
4. Frequent tire rotation to maintain the desired balance.


Tyre blow out can be prevented and not neccesarily  avoided, but what matters most is the ability to deal with the situaton when it arises, knowing what tire blow out is all about and what to do when faced with such scenario remains paramount.

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