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The Rainy Season And Its Effect On Our Cars.

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Its the middle of the year again with different climatic conditions in various parts of the globe, for some its summer time while some others are meant to contend with the rains, our main focus in this topic is indeed the rains , how does the rains affect our mechanical contraptions (cars)

The rains are here again and certainly  comes with lots of advantages and  disadvantages alike , for motorists and car owners this is the time to be wary of the routes to ply when caught up
on the road , one major default of the rainy season remains having to drive through floods , these floods in most cases and if not properly navigated through might cause excessive damages to your car, this piece helps outlines several effects of flood and indeed the rainy season on our cars.

Yes the rains are great but  truly might be devastating  from a motoring angle if  certain rules are not properly adhered to. below are tips of several hazards that motorist need to be aware of during this rainy season regarding their cars in order to keep then in top shape  beyond this season.

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The term hydro lock is bound to come up this season especially in areas without adequate drainage systems , Hydro lock simply means a situation where water finds its way into the combustion chamber of your engine, this usually occurs when one drives through a huge flood with a car that is quite low and has its air intake manifold very close to the ground.

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Hydro lock simply implies an internal combustion engine taking in water instead of air and in a bid to compress this water which it mistakes for air results to damage of its components like the cylinder walls connecting rods and so on, the best way to avoid  this disaster is to simply avoiding driving through flood which you are not sure of its dept especially if the ground clearance of your car seem very low.


One demerits of the rainy season is actually the tendency of most body parts of our cars to depreciate through rust YES through rust , weather we like it or not every time we are cut up in the rains or we drive through flood there is an element of depreciation our cars face after this encounter, for people who live within the coastal cities (eg Lagos, porthacourt, Accra, Florida, bengalore) the chances are even more given their proximity to the sea.

Several bodily components that are sure bound to take some measure of punishments when driving regularly through flood and indeed the rains includes , the suspension system , the brake disc and pads, catalytic converter etc.


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This is the time when we record a large chunk of clogged up radiator cases especially for smaller cars with lower ground clearance, the reasons are when you drive through this huge flood especially huge and deep ones soil and dirt particles tend to be trapped in your radiator fins the implications of this is that air passage would be certainly be restricted and the resultant implications would be overheating.

The best case scenario is certainly do not make it a habit of driving through flood.


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Discussing this topic without buttressing on this point is like eating bread without butter, a large chunk of the electrical problems we face with our cars do arise during or immediately after  the rainy season, Largely because we over commit our vehicles during this time of the year, since our cars are largely made up of two components namely the sensors and actuators its only logical for the sensors go bad easily when exposed to harsh condition's like the rains accompanied with floods,

The ABS sensors, Tire pressure monitoring sensors (TPMS) , Wheel speed sensors, and even the ECM (brainbox) are examples of electrical components that could be damaged by consistently driving through flood and indeed unfavorable rainy conditions as well.

Having weighed all the demerits of driving in flood and indeed the rains our best bet still remains staying safe and above all avoiding situations  that would put our cars or pockets in jeopardy in the long run.

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