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Sheer Strength Of The Landrover

land rover discoovery

The strength and durabilty of the land rover as an SUV isn't in doubt but the publicity stunt surrounding this magical brand this days have kept me asking, does it take this much conviction to sell the value of a product?

Yes certain things could easily
be condoned but simply trying to achieve the seemingly unimaginable. Could as well pas for being a bit hypocritocal , we all know what the brand is equal to.

Cutting them some slack the land rover brand has been putting up some real publicity stunt lately to further solidify its position as the leading brand when it comes to the SUV segment in the automotive world , what else could we call sending Range rovers off roading from an air bound Boeing 747, doing a high wire act with an XF (jaguar) and most recently having a land rover discovery drag a 238,000 pound train coach over its tracks , what ever the concept might be its very obvious we all know what the brand is all about, sheer strenght and dependability going this extreme might just be way too far all the same kudos to the creative team

Enjoy videos.
land rover discovery

landrover discovery

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