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Copy And Paste In The Automotive Industry

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The issue of copy and paste in the automotive world  did not just come up in recent times as European and American car manufacturers have had to contend  with smaller Chinese cars makers for their original concepts and

Just Last year Local Chinese car make Jiangling reportedly unveiled the Landwind X7 SUV an exact replica of the Land rover E vogue , apparently this didn't go well with the British car  manufacturer at that time but it chose to keep mute over the issue, report reaching us now is that the British car manufacturing giants have decided to sue the Chinese car company for copyright and unfair competition.

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The Landwind X7 SUV which made its debut last year in China where the original Land rover  Evogue was also on sale is a clear replica of the original SUV both in design and aesthetics, little wonder the British car makers are not taking it likely, before now(exactly a year ago ) legal actions have been seen as fruitless given the fact that there are exactly no laws to protect intellectual properties in this regards in China for western companies, but the recent move by Land rover to go ahead with a suite simply means that things might have changed within a short period.

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Experts in the industry (including ,myself ) still think its not the best move  for Land rover to take given the long and expensive yeas or litigation owning to the fact that the Chinese Legal system still  does not see this an a major offence , a close look at the whole scenario would also reveal that , by the time an injunction would have been achieved certainly the evogue model and Land wind X7 would have been history.

This is not the first time that Chinese local car manufacturers would have to copy European Models as recently another Chinese company have also come up with a replica of the Mercedes G WAGON , LOL, so much to say about the clone war.

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