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5 Things You Must Not Do With a Manual Transmission Car.

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Driving is an art that requires one to strictly abide by the rules either for the safety of human lives or the vehicle in question, driving an automatic transmission car requires certain does and donts given its delicate nature , but as the automatic transmission requires some bit of caution while driving it so does the manual transmission, some quarters might think
otherwise , but in my years of driving i have come to realize the maunal transmission appears to be even more delicate than the automatic transmission.

The automatic transmission could easily go bad if you do not play by it rules , lets say you do not replace the transmission oil as at when due, that is certainly a recipe for disaster  any time , but for the manual transmission because of its perceived  ruggedity as the case may be we tend to ignore something as basic as a gear oil change even when its long over due. isnt that bad enough ?

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The essence of  this article is to outline certain driving habits that could be harmful to your manual transmission in the long run if not corrected , aside continuously depressing the clutch pedal while you accelerate which is obvious to many there are certain habits that could also harm your manual transmission , which unknown to some people they still indulge in today.


I,ll start  with this , this is a very common behavior by most manual transmission owners , they tend to rest their foot on the clutch pedal while the car is in motion , some might argue that all they do is release the clutch pedal to its bearest minimum which does not necessarily have an effect on the plate, this is certainly a wrong way to drive the manual transmission car because surely you might subconsciously depress the clutch pedal a little while the car is in motion which would ultimately lead to excessive burn out of the clutch disc.
Best bet is to always release the clutch pedal fully after shifting gear and well in motion .


To simply explain this term for proper understanding, you get on a hill and in order to prevent any form of roll back you engage gear and try to release your clutch pedal a bit while you also accelerate lightly  in order to maintain balance and prevent your car from rolling back wards.
This could be very dangerous for the manual transmission , doing this can only spell doom , as it can easily wear out the clutch disc, the best bet if you find yourself in these sort of situation is to appy your hand brake using your clutch as an option is never a wise one at all.


This could sound absurd but certainly its true, most people might assume that its best not to leave your transmission in  gear while in traffic for only automatic cars, but the case also applies to manual transmission cars, the reason why i don t advocate leaving your manual transmission car in gear while in traffic isnt far fetched, its simple to prevent the throw out bearing in your manual transmission from wearing out easily.
Best bet in this scenario is to leave your transmission in neutral whenever you find yourself  it traffic or any stop and go movement.


This a very common thing amongst drivers, using the gearshift stick as an arm rest,most drivers are fond of the habit of using their gear shift sticks as arm rest even after shifting gears this could seem ordinary to  some people but truly it has its consequences. resting on the shift stick can cause wear to the fork lift inside the transmission this fork lift simply enables shift from one gear to the other.
Best bet is to simply put your two hands on the wheels for maximum control.


The concept of high throttle low rpm isnt too difficult to understand , it simply means increasing engine speed while engine is on low rpm, take for instance while on gear 5 and moving at 50mph you try to accelerate the car , this could be very damaging for the manual transmission and can also increase the likelihood of engine lag.
The best bet in this scenario is to simply down shift  if indeed you require more acceleration.

The Automatic transmission requires caution , when driving a car fitted with it , do does the manual transmission , the best bet is to abide by their rules in order to get the best performance out of them 

Hope you e learnt something from these article , feel free to contribute.

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